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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Breakfast To Grab and GO

Janet Groene’s
Muesli Your Way

   In 1900, a Swiss doctor put together a toothsome,  nourishing mix of grains, dairy, fruit and perhaps nuts or seeds. On that day, the world’s easiest breakfast was born. On the minus  side, making muesli takes some advance planning.  
    Think of the pluses.  First, it’s good for you and it sticks to the ribs. It can be made for a family or just for yourself. It can be different every morning and different for each person.  Allergies? No problem. 
    Basically, muesli is a hearty grain soaked in yogurt, cream or milk plus nuts or seeds for healthful fats and fruit for color and flavor. Possibilities are endless. Here’s how. 
Basic Muesli, Per Portion
½ cup rolled oats, your choice of minute oats or old fashioned (not instant)
½ cup yogurt, your choice
½ cup milk, fruit juice or cream, your choice

1 tablespoons seeds or chopped nuts, your choice
1/3 to ½ cup cut-up fresh or dried fruit

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract or cinnamon
Up to 2 tablespoons jam or preserves, your choice of flavors

    Assemble muesli in a bowl or refrigerator container. Dried fruit can be added now. Fresh fruit should be added in the morning. Cover and keep in a cool place overnight. In the morning, stir and eat. Serves 1. 

Cook's note: Magazine photos always show muesli in a canning jar filled to the brim. I prefer to make it in a roomier container that leaves room for a thorough stirring and addition of fresh fruit in the morning. 

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